Invisalign is the alternative to braces that is clear, comfortable and much less noticeable.

They are removable and practically invisible, allowing you to transform your smile by straightening your teeth, with no need to disrupt your life. At Moonah Dental Centre, we can help you with Invisalign if you are interested in this exciting treatment.

As an adult, the idea of permanent braces may not appeal to you. You might feel that it could make you look like a teenager and that braces will be uncomfortable and expensive. You may need to wear braces for months or potentially even years. However, Invisalign offers another option that is more subtle and easier to fit into your adult life.

When you choose Invisalign, you will have a series of custom-made, clear aligners made for you. Impressions of your teeth are taken so that the aligners can be created to fit your teeth. Your teeth will gradually straighten out as you wear them, and you will continue to move through the series of aligners as your teeth slowly begin to shift. By the time you have finished using the full set of aligners, you should have the straighter smile that you were hoping for.

Invisalign gives you the opportunity to straighten your teeth for a more confident smile, without the pain of braces. Start gradually straightening your teeth with aligners that you can remove at any time, and which are basically invisible when you are wearing them. It’s the ideal solution when you want straighter teeth.