Mouthguards & Night Guards

Protecting your teeth is just as important as treating any dental problems that you might have.

Using mouthguards and night guards is one of the ways that you can ensure your teeth are protected at all times. They are designed to prevent damage to your teeth to reduce the chance of wear and tear. By protecting your teeth during sports and at night, you can afford dental issues that may be more expensive and time-consuming to repair. Rather than wait until you have to deal with a problem, take the right steps to stop those problems from occurring in the first place.

Mouthguards are recommended to be worn for contact sport. They help to protect the teeth from injury during play. Although you can buy mouthguards that are made to fit everyone, a custom-made mouthguard is a much better solution. They are made for each individual to provide a better fit and therefore better protection. You might want to wear one if you play any sports where a hit to the face is a risk, such as football or rugby.

Night guards, which are also called occlusal splints, prevent people from grinding their teeth at night. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can wear down the teeth, leading to problems such as damage to the teeth and problems with the joint of the jaw. Night guards are made from a thick acrylic material and, like mouthguards, are custom-made to fit each individual. They are designed to be comfortably worn at night to protect your teeth.