Dr Aakriti graduated from the University of Adelaide the started working in Tasmania.

She then moved to the mainland after a few years and worked in Sydney to expand her experience.

Dr Aakriti started a family and has a son 2 years ago, then moved back to Tasmania , to be closer to family.

Dr Aakriti has always wanted to be a health professional, and  feels that dentistry is a rewarding industry to be working in.

She did work experience in  year 11 at a dental practice.

“I enjoyed seeing the beautiful and skilful work dentists were able to do, and help patients get out of pain. Dentists can help restore people’s confidence and make them want to smile again, which is what I always strive to do”.

“I enjoy all aspects of dentistry, but particularly like doing cosmetic and periodontal (gum related) treatment. I find working with children quite rewarding as well”.

“I love cooking and trying my hand at different recipes and I have a sweet tooth so I am constantly on the hunt for tooth-friendly goodies!

“I have recently taken up  yoga and Pilates but need to work on my balance!”


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